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Saturday July 20th starting at 11:00 am and ending at 1:00 pm for the morning class or 2:30pm to 4:30pm


Discover the art of decorating sugar cookies with Cookie by Sheila! Join our 2-hour class where we'll dive into sugar cookie basics (perfect for beginners!), practice piping with Royal Icing, discuss strategic cookie decorating, and explore key concepts of dough and icing. All materials provided, and you'll have a live, in-person instructor – just bring your smile (and maybe an apron).

Leave the class with a solid grasp of sugar cookie fundamentals and some fantastic techniques. Check out details on refunds, what to bring, credits, and FAQs below. Excited to have you join us on this sweet adventure!



This Class is for the beginner cookiers and curious cookie enthusiasts! Whether you're new to sugar cookies, faced royal icing frustrations, or simply want a fun time with family or friends, this class is tailor-made for you. Join us in decorating a delightful set of 6 Taylor Swift themed cookies – secure your tickets now, they're going fast!


We supply everything you need – cookies, icing, sprinkles, and a box to carry home your fantastic creations. All set and ready for you! Each aspiring baker receives the essential tools for a cookie class triumph. No pre-class baking or icing mixing required – just come and enjoy the decorating fun!


Join us on Saturday July 20th starting at 11:00 am and ending at 1:00 pm for the morning class or 2:30pm to 4:30pm for the afternoon class for a fantastic cookie decorating experience! We kick off promptly at the scheduled time to ensure ample time for decorating and answering questions along the way. Whether you come solo, with your best friend, or the whole family – we've got seating for up to 12 people! It's a blast, no matter your company!


Perfect for ages 10 and up, but if you prefer a kid-free experience, consider purchasing an add-on kit (details below)! These kits are ideal for creative sessions at home with the little ones!


Our delightful class takes place in Visalia, My cookie room, address will be provided after purchase.




**What happens in the class?**

Get ready for the most fun ever! We'll cover cookie facts, decorating techniques, and you'll create your own set of cookies to take home that day.


**Can I buy an extra take-home kit?**

Absolutely! Purchase an add-on kit during check-out, available at the end of your class for those who want to recreate the magic at home.


**Do I need baking skills?**

Nope! No baking required. Pre-made cookies and pre-mixed, colored icing will be waiting for you. Have some decorating experience? Bring it on—I can assist with icing and dough questions!


**What will we learn?**

Discover royal icing preparation, various consistencies, and tips for making your cookies look as good as they taste. Learn decorating techniques like marbling, outlining, wet-on-wet, brush embroidery, painting, or unleash your creativity!


**What should I bring?**

Just your smile! We provide everything, including tasty sugar cookies. Bring an apron if you're messy, glasses for reference, and your phone for photos.


**Best age for cookie classes?**

For almost any age! Kids under 16 require a ticketed parent in class. If they're too young for in-person classes, grab an add-on kit for home fun!


**Can my child attend alone?**

Parents must purchase a ticket to join classes for kids under 16. Teens over 16 can attend solo, but it's super fun for everyone involved if parents join in!


**What do I take home?**

A beautiful set of cookies to dry for 8-10 hours in their box. Receive an email of a basic sugar cookie and royal icing recipe!


**Individual or group sign-ups?**

Whether solo, with a friend, or a group – sign up now! Limited to 12 seats per class, so secure your spot ASAP for maximum cookie joy!



Join us in.Visalia, CA, located at Cottonwood CT Visalia. Exact number will provided after purchase.


**Can't make it after signing up?**

😔Life happens, and we get it. Cancel up to 7 days before the class. Can't make it? Be a hero and transfer your spot to a friend. Any cancellation within 7 days gets you a class kit to take home.


**Things to Bring:**

Wondering what can enhance your decorating experience? While not mandatory, here are some recommendations:

* **Apron:** Things might get messy with royal icing, so grab a cute apron (bonus points if it's adorable—I'll ask where you got it).

* **Glasses:** A TV aids in decorating, but if it gets blurry, bring your seeing glasses for a clear view.

* **Phone:** Snap away! I love when students capture moments throughout class, so bring your phone.

* **Positive Attitude:** Cookies are fun yet challenging. A good attitude makes all the difference! 🎉👓📱 #ClassLocation #CookiePrepTips


About me: With 3 years of experience baking sugar cookies, I've never set aside my trusty scribe (curious about what a scribe is? Join the class and discover!). While 1st birthdays and baby shower themes top my list, I can tackle almost any design with icing. Because who wouldn't love the sweetest job ever—making cookies?


Oh, and stay tuned for classes featuring various themes throughout the year—follow me for all the cookie action!

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